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So this has happened:

My mouth literally dropped when I saw the headline, and since then I've been sitting here thinking of something, anything, poignant to say. I guess all I can say is thank you, Wes Craven, for creating a bogeyman that is (literally) the stuff of nightmares. Thank you, for pumping new blood into horror flicks in the '90's. Thank you, for being just an all around awesome guy. If any of you haven't seen the Nightmare on Elm Street documentary, Never Sleep Again, do so as soon as you can.

RIP, Wes Craven.

ETA: I suppose it would be only fitting to name my favorite Wes Craven film, which is Red Eye. I know, given that Craven gave us Freddy Krueger and other horror classics, I pick the one that's arguably more of a thriller. But it was an unique idea and in many ways tested Craven's role as a director because the scares had to be more grounded. Which. . . that always makes things a thousand times more frightening.

What's yours?
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Hannibal is being moved to Saturdays, effective immediately. . . I guess?

I'm not sure where all of us Fannibals are with the show. I've been watching it weekly, but more out of habit (and just to get through the entire thing) than because I WANT to watch it. I'm even less excited about the Red Dragon storyline after 1. the first half of the season and 2. the footage shown at Comic-Con. The footage wasn't bad per se, but the toll of the first half has sunk my enthusiasm.

Anyway, that's been your weekly update on Hannibal.
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I just caved and bought Poldark on DVD; even though we're only on Ep. 3 here in the US.

I bought it knowing I would end up binge watching it as soon as it arrives; even though I'm supposed to be writing.

I bought it; even though I've turned into complete Poldark trash and have watched each episode twice (something I rarely do).

But it's okay, because I also bought Death in the Haymarket for book research. That totally validates my purchase of Poldark!

Literally me right now:

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Penny Dreadful Finale (and overall season) thoughts, let me unpack them:

Penny Dreadful S2 spoilers, duh )
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I'm always in flux when it comes to my interests. TV shows end, new ones come back. I watch a movie and need to see it again and again. I read a book, and the story continues long after I've read that final page. Here a few things clogging up my mind at the moment.

Movies (and books):

Vampires and a lovely actress )
On the TV front:

Dueling magicians, strange creatures, and a man in a waist coat )
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First Point: Theaters should really ban parents from bringing their toddlers to PG-13 movies. Especially movies that border into the scary territory. We had a toddler screaming her head off for 15 minutes before an usher came. Keep your fucking kids at home.

About the movie: I thought it was a good, summer blockbuster. Admittedly, I might have been riding on a nostalgia high because there were a lot of nods and winks to Jurassic Park (and to the book supposedly). I think the series is redeemed after Jurassic Park III. Jurassic World is more action-packed than the first. It tried to juggle a lot of subplots. Some of these subplots worked. Others. . . not so much. Most of the characters are one-dimensional. The only character that goes through any arc is Bryce Dallas Howard's; but it's the atypical, cold businesswoman grows a heart and realizes there's more to life than money. Also, if they plan on remaking/rebooting Indiana Jones, don't be surprised if Chris Pratt gets the part.

Non-spoilery Bits:

--I came out of the movie questioning my own thoughts regarding zoos, and circuses, and anything else that puts animals on display. I know there's been a lot of vocal outcry after the deaths at Sea World and Sea World's overall treatment of their animals. (Some people who've seen the movie feel like one of the Jurassic World deaths was pointedly taking on Sea World; I can't comment to the validity of that, though.)

I think it was obviously the director and writer(s) intention to parallel Jurassic World with our real life fascination of going to the zoo or animal entertainment parks. Even the freaking dino petting zoo made me uncomfortable, as I flashed back to my own experiences of riding a pony that's rigged to one of those walking circles. That pony's existence wasn't solely for my own, personal pleasure. So, yeah. . . I think it's going to be a long time before I go to a zoo again.

--I miss the animatronic dinosaurs. I don't think the CGI was bad per se. IDK. The human-dino interactions felt cold compared to the OG and The Lost World because I knew in my head the actors were acting with empty spaces. Though one scene was very touching and I might've choked up. (I was emotionally compromised before the film because we got the trailer for Max and just nooooooope.)

--Every time they used the "Jurassic Park Theme", I got chills. Every. Time.

--For the first time, I felt bad for the Velociraptors. I've always thought they were cool; but never have I been like "Nooooo, don't hurt them!" I also thought Pratt's "ability" to handle the raptors was on point and made sense and didn't take away from the fact that the raptors were dangerous creatures. *shrugs*

Relatedly: LOL I see you movie trying to explain why the Jurassic Park Velociraptors don't look like the real life Velociraptors.

--I completely forgot I was in public, and during the climatic fight I might've let out an audible "Fuck, yeah." Oops. Seriously, guys, it was so satisfying, both in honor of the OG movie and redeeming JP3.

Spoilery Bits:


--Loved the all the OG nods: the boys stumbling on the old compound, complete with the old merchandise, Tim's binoculars, and old Jeeps; the statue of Mr. Hammond in the Visitors' Center; the hologram Dilophosaurus that appeared during the raptor attack; THE SAME T-REX FROM THE OG MOVIE; lol Dr. Malcolm's "cameo" on the back of the book.

--Zara's death was very, very traumatic. That's all.

--My favorite scene was when Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) went and got the T-Rex. Two boss-ass bitches sharing the same screen.

--THAT FUCKING CLIMATIC FIGHT!!! I don't care how OTT or cheesy it was. The T-Rex and Velicoraptor coming together and kicking ass and then parting as "friends". (The nostalgia, man, it got to me.) Fuck yeah, Teamwork!

I don't know where I'd put World. . . definitely behind Jurassic Park and probably The Lost World (mainly for nostalgia). All I was hoping was that World would be better than Jurassic Park III, and in my opinion, it was. So, good job, folks.
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I'm posting this here because it's my sandbox, and rather than go into other people's sandboxes and kick sand in their faces, I'll do it in my own sandbox. Ya'll, that Hannibal premiere? I'm underwhelmed. No, scratch that, I'm pissed.

Hannibal 3x01 Spoilers )
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First look at Hannibal: Season 3 that, yes, includes a quick glimpse at Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde.


So, I've found my excitement--and am actually intrigued by the first half of the season with Hannibal and Bedelia than I've ever been--but I remain cautiously optimistic. I'm never going to be entirely thrilled that we're only getting six episodes of Red Dragon AND the fact that Hannibal will still eat up that time in order to appeal to the core fanbase. (I'm guessing; I hope Hannibal will be used sparingly in the back-end of the season.)

Anyway, two more weeks, Fannibals. Two. More. Weeks.
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There's too much stuff happening today, so let's see if I can hit them all:

1. "May the 4th Be With You"

Unofficially today is "Star Wars Day" so to all the Star Wars fans, happy May 4th. I have seen a lot of Star Wars resurgence on Tumblr and people coming out of the woodwork for Star Wars since the extended trailer hit. I guess 2015 is the year of Star Wars. (Sorry, Avengers/Marvel. But you're also owned by Disney. . . so maybe 2015 is the year of Disney?)

Anyway, Vanity Fair has the Star Wars gang on its cover. There's also a Behind-the-Scenes video that contains minor spoilers; so be on the look out for that, those that want to stay unspoiled. (I'm including myself in that gang. Speculation is fun and okay, but no ACTUAL! REALLY! TRULY! movie spoilers. Thanks.) Anyone else think Daisy Ridley is a dead-ringer for Natalie Portman? If she is not a Skywalker/Solo kid, I will go out and buy a hat and eat it.

ETA: Of course after I post this, the entire article appears online. There's minor spoilers about secondary characters. (I didn't read the article; so there may be spoilers in there, too.) But there are lots and lots of pictures!

2. Happy 86th Birthday, Audrey Hepburn


I've been on an Old Hollywood/Turner Classics Movie kick as of late, and while I wouldn't consider myself a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, I do love her. Not solely because of her talent and acting career. (Though, if you've never seen Wait Until Dark, you must!) But she was a damn fine, caring and compassionate person. She's proof that beauty not only lies outside, but matters inside, too.

3. 129th Anniversary of The Haymarket Affair

So, I'm not going to lie: The first thing that comes to my mind whenever someone mentions "May 4th" is The Haymarket Affair. It's been on my mind lately--more so than how it relates to The Book--but because of the events in Baltimore right now. I'm not saying both cases are the same (even the strikers of 1886 didn't bother getting the under-served African American community involved). This is where I add another recommendation--Death in the Haymarket by James Green--and tell you that people with power have always, and will continue, to misuse that power until they are called out on it.

I salute all those in Baltimore who are peacefully protesting, who are bringing attention to the injustices in their city and around the entire country. I hope Freddie Gray and his family get the justice they deserved. And I hope the people that matter--the lawmakers, the civil rights protectors, the gatekeepers who can make the changes that are desperately needed--heed the words that the protestors are saying.

4. Nurses's Week

Some of you may know that my mom is a nurse. (She works in Maternity, FTR.) Nurses are severely under-appreciated and over-worked. They are the busy bees that make a hospital run. So, go out and hug and thank a nurse this week.

5. One month until Hannibal premieres

It knows why it's last on my list of things today.
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Since I know two people (at least) on my f'list will enjoy this:

Star Wars: Episode VII Teaser Trailer #2

(Not embedding the actual video because the video image is a spoiler, IMO.)

I think most of you know that I have a very. . . "meh" interest in Star Wars that stems from my brother's obsession with it while we were growing up. That said, I totally felt things once the theme music kicked in and I might be excited. . .? Anyway, between this and Jurassic World coming out this summer, my inner child has been awoken. Because even if I don't consider myself a super-fan of Star Wars the original trilogy is a vital part of my DNA.

Count me as excited and I'll be in the theaters come this December.
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I'm posting this today to give anyone who wants to join in the chance to do so.

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of "Rose", the beginning of the Doctor Who era known as "New Who", and the introduction of new fans to a show that's span 50 years. I didn't start watching Doctor Who until 2009, when I caught the last 15 minutes of "Doomsday" on TV. Over the years, my relationship with Doctor Who has gone up and down; but it still remains an important TV show. And ONE DAY I will complete that DW Re-Watch.

For the past week, fans on Tumblr have participated in "Celebrating New Who" week with each day devoted to a different theme. I've combined the meme into one, very long post. Obviously, I couldn't capture all my favorite stuff so here's my Doctor Who tag on Tumblr which has even MORE Doctor Who goodies.

The Doctor is a legend woven throughout history. When disaster comes he's there. )
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Since I've rounded up all the other Hannibal news:

So there you go. It's a Thursday--so not the Time Slot of Death--and not too terribly late in the summer.

(FWIW: Still in the bottom-level of expectations because the more I think about things from S2 and the details that have come out. . .I'm just not as excited as I was during the S1 into S2 wait. I'm sure my excitement will rev up once we get closer and once the show is actually on the air. But, with Orphan Black, Sleepy Hollow, and Hannibal all faltering in their second seasons after starting out SO STRONG, I am wary.)
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My hand on a Bible, I swear I was going to start (earnestly) on The Book today.

That was, until Thursday, when someone on [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt posted the Wikipedia page of People Who Have Disappeared Mysteriously, which leads to the list of unsolved deaths, and I found the Taman Shud Case (Warning: The dead guy's dead face is RIGHT THERE when you open the page. It isn't anything terrible; but still, I figure someone might have a squick and better safe than sorry.), which I've seen mentioned a couple of times on Cracked*. . .and, guys, I fell down the plot bunny rabbit hole.

*Honestly TVTropes, Wikipedia, and Cracked are, like, the Holy Trinity of Not Getting Shit Done Today (or This Weekend, as was my case).

What happened to him? Was he poisoned? Was he a spy? That Jestyn lady knew more than what she was saying, right? Who stole all his identification? Was he a Russian spy? How come someone did an excellent job of covering up his identity but left the book lying around? WAS HE AN AMERICAN SPY WHO PISSED OFF THE SOVIETS?

So this is the part where you need to talk me out of the painstaking work of research, plotting, developing a cast of characters--all of which I've started to do re: Taman Shud--and set me straight. Tell me that doing a one-off adult, crime novel is not the best way to go about breaking into the literary industry. This is the part where someone just needs to say, "Look, you've worked on The Book stuff for almost 4 years. You've got an interesting world, well-developed characters, a plot that knows where it's heading, etc, etc, etc." "FOR GOD'S SAKES, THERE'S ALWAYS NANO!" (But you were going to do that other novel.)

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I was going to do a Top 5 countdown of sorts for V-Day; but that didn't work out. FYI, I've queue'd a bunch of posts of my favorite/memorable pairings on my Tumblr for tomorrow. (Rhoda, there's going to be a Homeland spoiler on there after 6pm, so be warned.)

Anyway, here's something that's relevant to, I think, everyone's interest. Enjoy.

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1. Molly Graham has been cast. I've heard nothing but good things about Venus in Fur and Hugh and Nina's chemistry together. (The play apparently was, uh, VERY steamy and sexy.) It bums me out, then, that we're getting dropped into their relationship and they couldn't have Molly appear earlier in the season pre-marriage.

2. Season 3 Trailer (Spoilers obviously; and since I don't how spoiled one of us Fannibals wants to be, I'll avoid talking about it openly other than saying BEDELIA, YOU IN DANGER, GIRL!)

3--AND MOST FUCKING IMPORTANTLY--. WE HAVE OUR REBA! I am here for it. I loved Rutina in the first two seasons of True Blood. (I only watched the first two; but I heard they did her/Tara dirty by the end. Hopefully history won't repeat itself here.) I loved that Fuller and Co. went outside of what was expected. And while I agree with [livejournal.com profile] gothrockrulz that Emily Watson is my benchmark for Reba, I think Rutina will be great. Now tell me how many episodes Rutina/Reba is going to be in KTHNX.
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I promise a real, personal update in the coming days.

Two updates:

1. Molly Graham is being cast right now. (And there's gonna be another fucking time jump in the middle of the season into the Red Dragon storyline, and uggggggghhhhhh, the writer in me is cringing.)

2. Since everyone is/was wondering about its premiere date and I (stupidly) suggested March/April: From an NBC executive, Hannibal won't premiere until Summer. Oops. (Though, I'm okay with this because a lot of my TV shows are coming back in March and April, and at least there will be SOMETHING to watch in this summer.)

An aside: I think I'm gonna put a moratorium on discussing S3 of Hannibal because with each detail that comes out, the lower and lower my expectations get, and I hate to be the person raining on everyone's parades with "yeah, but. . ." Unless Reba gets cast, then we can all celebrate.
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This is for Rhoda's benefit because I think I broke her brain when I admitted that I had never, ever seen The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

Bolded are the movies I've seen
Italic titles are movies on my to-watch list

AFI's Top 100 Movie List (via 2007) )
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I'm, um, okay with this. . .I guess? The Hannibal casting hasn't let me down yet; but, uh, honestly the only thing I've ever seen Richard Armitage in is Captain America: The First Avenger. . .and he wasn't in it long. And I, like, love Ralph Fiennes's version. . .so I'm torn. . .but excited. . .but. . .cautious.


Now fucking cast Reba and Molly and I'll be happy as a peach.
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I'll have more to say--hopefully? possibly? maybe?--about 2014 in the coming days. In the meanwhile, farewell, 2014.

Hello, 2015.
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It occurred to me after doing that WiP Meme that I've never explained where my self-descriptor of being an "anachronistic writer" came from. So, I'll let you in on the secret: Of the books I pulled quotes from--The Watchmaker Series, The Corvis Chronicles, and the Nutcracker Retelling--they were all originally set in modern time*. Yes, every single one.

First, in case it's not in your vernacular:

anachronism > noun 1. a thing belonging to a period other than the one in which it exists. 2 the placing of something in the wrong historical period.

It began with The Watchmaker Series. So I might join your century, but only as a doubtful guest )


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