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So, our computer crashed on Monday, which was a traumatic day because, two months prior to this, my brother's desktop died, so I had the only working computer. It's not like I'm bad at sharing. But, I didn't want what happened to our main computer happen to mine because I need a computer for writing; so whenever my mom was using it, I just happened to be in the same room, sitting at the desk. Okay, I hovered around like a Helicopter Parent. Thankfully, the new CPU shipped and was delivered quicker than was predicted (Thank you, Dell!), and we can go back to a two-computer household. We've got the main one that's got the internet (I've forgotten how quiet computers are when they run) and I've got my laptop all to myself. (The precious--it's come back to usssss.)

(I don't really want to think about all the things I lost in the computer crash. Things like all my icons/graphics/gifs, my layout codes, bookmarked internet pages, etc. Luckily, none of my writing materials were on the main computer--all that's on my laptop. You can bet that this unforeseen crash has made me hyper-vigilant about saving all my writing stuff on my flashdrive [especially when I begin writing on the book].)

Along with the new computer comes a new operating system. I've reluctantly joined you in 2009 )
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After failing again to download "Liar" on Wednesday, I had the bright idea to switch the computer's internet engine to Firefox. To my shock and worry that the sky was about to fall down on my head, it worked. On top of finally downloading all of The Opheliac Companion, we're now running Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. I expected it to be faster--as that is what it claims--but honestly I don't sense a difference. The pause button is nice for downloads, but I felt like it took longer and more frustration to complete. Whatever...it's done, I'm glad.

Unfortunately, listening to the commentary for "Gothic Lolita" spawned a new novel idea. I kid you not. Did I also mention after watching the modernized version of Hamlet with Ethan Hawke resulted in a new novel folder? It did. I'm racking up the novel ideas without the support of an agent or editor. It's fascinating to me because I fear the point where I run out of ideas. This is what inspiration does to me--she gets back at me in tenfold and laughs in my face for being a simpleton. Cruel world!

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I have spent the last week trying to download Emilie Autumn's The Opheliac Companion off of the computer. The operative word being "trying". We're suppose to have high speed internet and we do compared to what my family was previously working with. It's because the files are enormous--220 MB, really?--which makes me resort to downloading at night when everyone's asleep. I've got only three tracks left and they're giving me major headaches. Internet Explorer hates to download the last 4% of one. Then it gets choked up on the download of the other two. I'm really at the point of taking a sludge hammer to the computer.

Thankfully, the tracks I have downloaded have come out all smooth. Boy does EA ramble and get off track ("Tree Branching!"). Not like it's a big deal because I do it all the time. It's also nice to "hear" how one thinks. But, seriously, they could edit out a few tangents and trim down the file sizes. *cough* "Gothic Lolita" *cough*

I'm going to try and finish the downloads over the next couple of days. If not, yeah, I'm not going to end up with my full money's worth. (So help me God, computer, you better download f--king "Gothic Lolita" all the way!) I'll feel better once The Asylum is released. But, damn it, if it's a digital version--I have full faith it isn't--I'm going to scream.
The good thing that's coming out of this is that I'm not obsessing over my queries (I've got about five still out). Granted, I'm not working on my WIP either. Also, I've received inspiration for another novel idea. So, things are looking great. /sarcasm

ETA: The Next Morning--Success with "Opheliac". Now I just need "Liar" and "Gothic Lolita" to behave.


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