Apr. 28th, 2010 02:49 pm
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My mother's been holding out on me. But, a-ha!, I found the Girl Scout Thin Mints she tried to hide from me in the freezer. They are mind now! Om nom nom nom...

In writerly news: Lazy just does not work on me. I tried so, so hard and lasted two days not doing anything remotely related to editing, before my editing list invaded my head. Ah well...
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There is a time honored tradition in my house that dates back a few years. It happens after the turkey's been eaten, the in-laws have left, and my brother and I hand over our Christmas lists for the year. It is a race to see whose tree can be put up first. We have two--three counting the Whoville tree I bought at Urban Outfitters a couple years ago. My mother likes the generic green, 7 foot tall fake tree. The one my father and I prefer is...one of a kind.

For the past two years, my mother has succeeded in getting her tree up first. This year, my father and I won.

Gather 'round for a fantastical tale of Christmas cheer )
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My mother decided to watch The Uninvited with me this evening. It was one of those movies with a mystery the audience is suppose to figure out, but the screenwriter(s) thinks he's so clever they'll never see that final "twist". Needless to say, I was worried my mother would be upset with me before the movie's end like this time.

I called the person behind the fire 6 minutes and 30 seconds into the movie. For the record, I have not seen the Japanese movie it is based on, A Tale of Two Sisters. I will also admit the Sixth Sense-like ending was not on my radar. And I did enjoy the person's comment of why she did what she did. See, I don't always get it correct.

I blame the marketing of the film. Of course the person who is made out to look like the bad guy/girl turns out not to be the one, when the whole tag of the movie has the phrase "a shocking twist you won't see coming". Excuse me, but you told what was going to happen before I even saw the first five minutes of the film on that sentence alone.

I think my mother's done with watching movies with me. When the credits rolled, she got up and left me alone in my room, mumbling a few choice words of how she should know better than to watch a movie with me. Funny, I saw that ending for our evening too.

ETA: In an effort to prove I don't always figure out the endings, I had no idea Shane would Croquet Mallet Smash! Pilar at the end of Weeds last night.
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On Saturday, my mother and I went into Chicago to see Spring Awakening. Ever since they announced the national tour of Spring Awakening, I've been desperate to see it. I wasn't disappointed. I absolutely loved it. I've already ordered the soundtrack and put the Spring Awakening: In the Flesh book on my X-mas list.

The people sitting on stage left got a good show. )

Not as exciting as Spring Awakening (I want my CD, Amazon!), yesterday my mother and I went out shopping with my cousin. She's getting married soon and we went out for shoes for her daughter and to find something to wear for me. Two things: I wanted to try and find a dress and I was desperate to not wear black to my cousin's wedding. I'm not saying I wear black to all the weddings I've attended. Black just happens to be my comfort zone. I wanted to try something new.

I can cut down the four hours of shopping to three words: I found nothing. It seems these days most dresses cater to the skinny, flat chested girls. I was discouraged an hour into shopping and it didn't let up. Dress pants and a nice top are looking very good at the present time.


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