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I'm ridiculously excited that Natalie Dormer has been cast as Irene Adler for CBS's Elementary. Partly because I love Natalie Dormer ever since The Tudors; but more so because she's, well...the physical inspiration for a character in The Book that (arguably) could be seen as Irene Adler-like. So, yeah, I'm probably psychic.

Yet, as excited as I am, I can't help but be a little bothered by the casting. I'm super, hyper-aware that a lot of things in The Book could have connections to Sherlock Holmes. The Sherlockian Fandom is really, really critical and mean-spirited with anything that seems to borrow from the source material and then change it up. So this coincidence is just...ugh. But like, I don't want to change or deny the character inspiration just because a Sherlock Holmes show happened to cast the same actress that I had in mind for a similar character. Nobody's being a copycat: I had no idea that Ms. Dormer was up for the part, and the Elementary casting director/producers don't know who I am or what's going on inside my brain. (I hope not, anyway.)

It reminds me of the Nutcracker Incident. Which, incidentally, is where the character inspiration came from. I originally "cast" Natalie Dormer as the Rat Queen in the story. When I reconstructed the story, the Rat Queen became this other character and I kept the physical appearance. Similarities like these happen all the time: story ideas sound similar, characters remind people of other characters, etc. Still, I can't believe how the stars aligned on this one.

(For purely selfish reasons, I want this documented here so if I ever sell The Book/The Series, I can have some evidence that I had Natalie Dormer in my mind before this casting news.)
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The title sounds more dramatic than it really was; but after standing outside the venue for 2 hours in below-freezing temperatures, once again standing next to a drunk guy who almost picked a fight with a guy near my brother, before being escorted out by security, during the show, and limping my way back to the "L" station in the middle of the night to get home (not to mention not feeling well leading up to the concert and thinking I'd have to miss it altogether) getting through the concert unscathed is a huge accomplishment. Like the previous Emilie Autumn concert I'd been to, everything about it was awesome. Standing in line--though we were freezing--with the very nice fans (or Plague Rats/Muffins) made the chilly wait almost bearable. All the "teasing" starts that started with loud cheers, only to devolve into nervous laughter, made the anticipation more electrifying. Singing the first verse of "Thank God I'm Pretty" as Emilie played the harpsichord reminded me of last time when we all sang "My Fair-Weathered Friend" together.

A long, slightly rambling discussion about the concert and inspiration )
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In honor of my (semi-)new fascination with steampunk:

by HelleeTitch

More can be found here. Steampunk Belle and Mulan are my favorites, while Snow White in the banner above reminds me of a new character in my WIP. (Though, it seems like a steampunk cop-out to have all the girls in booty shorts and flashing thigh.)
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After failing again to download "Liar" on Wednesday, I had the bright idea to switch the computer's internet engine to Firefox. To my shock and worry that the sky was about to fall down on my head, it worked. On top of finally downloading all of The Opheliac Companion, we're now running Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. I expected it to be faster--as that is what it claims--but honestly I don't sense a difference. The pause button is nice for downloads, but I felt like it took longer and more frustration to complete. Whatever...it's done, I'm glad.

Unfortunately, listening to the commentary for "Gothic Lolita" spawned a new novel idea. I kid you not. Did I also mention after watching the modernized version of Hamlet with Ethan Hawke resulted in a new novel folder? It did. I'm racking up the novel ideas without the support of an agent or editor. It's fascinating to me because I fear the point where I run out of ideas. This is what inspiration does to me--she gets back at me in tenfold and laughs in my face for being a simpleton. Cruel world!


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