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Oh, Homeland fandom, never stop being awesome.

Homeland AU - Period Drama

Sir Nicholas Brody returns after 8 years as a French prisoner of war as a celebrated hero, a favorite of the king and the town's most sought after bachelor. However his betrothed, Caroline, senses a change in him, suspecting he has become a spy for the French she turns into a spy herself, feeding information on Brody to her handler and lover, Colonel Peter Quinn.

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#I don't really need this right now #oh, god, the plot bunnies are coming for me #this season finale is going to be the death of me tonight #kill nicholas brody #save carrie mathison #save saul berenson #save peter quinn
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I saw this floating around Tumblr, my new favorite place to lose track of time and get nothing done.

Without looking at the questions below, pick 5 of your favorite television shows.

1. Doctor Who
2. Elementary
3. Homeland
4. Community
5. Fringe

Questions under here )
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I should just resign myself to the fact that I can't get anything done on Mondays. Even though, I'm like, "You really need to sit down and figure this plot out because you came up with a good idea while trying to fall asleep last night, and it's been two years since you've sat down to write anything, and you promised this year you'd get stuff moving, and you don't want another Nutcracker situation."


I mean, seriously, when you're cramming more plot developments into 7 episodes than most shows put into an entire season (or more) that even I can't figure out what's going to happen next--and you all know how I pride myself on figuring shit out--you're just asking me to analyze everything: to question everything I thought I knew, because you, pesky show, are so good at just giving us enough to satisfy us while we all know something larger looms ahead. Plus, I've got this to stare at:

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Only 3 more episodes 'til I can get my Mondays back if the season finale doesn't kill me in the process.


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