Apr. 28th, 2010 02:49 pm
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My mother's been holding out on me. But, a-ha!, I found the Girl Scout Thin Mints she tried to hide from me in the freezer. They are mind now! Om nom nom nom...

In writerly news: Lazy just does not work on me. I tried so, so hard and lasted two days not doing anything remotely related to editing, before my editing list invaded my head. Ah well...

WIP Update

Apr. 25th, 2010 09:49 pm
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I feel like my brain has melted and grey matter is leaking out my ears. Ugh.

On the plus, I completed my WIP this afternoon, clocking in at just shy of 60,000 words. (59,200 words if we want to play with actual numbers here.) So yes, after bitching and moaning a couple days ago, I slapped together a final chapter I can live with finished writing the final chapter. Now comes editing--which will be more like adding instead of subtracting based on my editing list. I've got a chapter to add, plot points which developed in the back-end of writing to insert in the beginning, dialogue to finesse, and information to research. Wikipedia, here I come!

However! For this upcoming week, I've decided to do NOTHING! I'm going to curl up with a bag of Sweet-Tarts, pop on some Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD's (damn you Logo for reaffirming my Buffy love), and lounge on the couch until April 30, when I've got plans to see A Nightmare on Elm Street (for the lulz, naturally).

Of course, my itch to edit usually kicks in three days away from the computer. So, you know, my Sweet-Tart/Buffy coma could only last a few days. Maybe by then I'll have enough brain cells to actually be creative once again.

And so, with this uncreative post done, I'm going to sit back and watch The Tudors. We're nearing Lunatic!Henry the VIII, but are still very much stuck with that hussy Katherine Howard, at the moment. Though, we all know how well that marriage ended.
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I finished the bulk of my manuscript edits yesterday (yay!) as well as put together my query letter (whew!); so I am left with one more read through to nab any grammar mistakes I might have missed (yuck!) and write the synopsis (double yuck!). Because writing conferences and book fairs are approaching, my hope is start querying in the next week or two (gulp!).

Whilst doing that, I've got my next project all ready. I mentioned it in this post. It is looking to be a contemporary novel, with some horror and suspense moments thrown in. I do have another Sci-Fi novel I'm plotting out, which is surprising considering I thought my current manuscript would be the only Sci-Fi novel I would right--never mind I never expected to write Sci-Fi in the first place.

I'm off to watch a few Doctor Who episodes...for research purposes. *does shifty eyes*
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What did I do all day yesterday and again at 7 o'clock in the morning today, and wish to never do again? That's right, shovel snow!

The big, bad winter storm hit us in Chicago during the wee hours of the morning yesterday and continuously-with-a-capital-C snowed for 24 hours. According to Tom Skilling, our faithful weather man, we received 12 inches of snow. The mounds at the end of our driveway beg to differ. The trick to dealing with continuous snowfall is to stay on top of the shoveling so you don't have 12 inches of snow to shovel all at once. My mother and I, every couple of hours, trudged outside and shoveled the snow like it was manure. Dear readers, I wish I was shoveling manure, because there is no way a freakin' cow could dump enough feces in two hours to match what was just cleared off the driveway. I am over winter.

It stopped snowing a few hours ago allowing me to clear off the dandruff from above. (Seriously, the angels/the big guy upstairs need to invest in some Head and Shoulders.) Unfortunately, because of the below freezing temperatures, there is a nice coating of frozen snow I could not lift up. The perfectionist I am, I don't care anymore. Besides, the mounds of snow were mocking me, and threatening to avalanche. I was given no other option but retreat.

Because of the snow, the earth in Illinois decided to shake it off earthquake-style--as one normally does in this sort of situation. We bypassed it here in Cook County. The 3.8 quake happened in DeKalb, a couple counties over. Trust me, if it did hit here, I would not be wasting my time in writing this post when I have suitcases to pack and flee Illinois. There was no serious damage from what I hear, just a jolt of shaking that awoke the DeKalbians at 4 o'clock in the morning. Again, I'm glad it avoided Cook County because I would be the one to panic and gather up all the cats and bunker down in a doorway. I panic at tornado warnings, even though I've never experienced one. Micro burst, yes. On a school bus, no less, when I was in middle school; and then our bus driver dropped us off at the neighborhood entrance that was littered with tree branches (I am not kidding), told us good luck, which was followed by my next door neighbor having the bright idea to terrify us thirteen-year-olds as we walked to our respective houses with the information that micro bursts happened in pairs, so we best be getting home before another one hit, which would most likely throw us off the street and into a tree. Thanks for that, Mr. B. But I digress.

I am slowly editing through my WIP. I completed a chronological read-through last weekend, which includes me taking notes to document where plot holes have formed (there is a major one I just plugged up) and places where things need to be added (I speak good technical words). My goal is to add another 10,000 to bring the word count up to 80,000. Okay, I don't want to insert 10,000 words of crap--I just know there are places where I can fill it out more. So, the maximum I want to add is 10,000 words. I've already added 1,000--9,000 more to go!

Fingers crossed I can have this manuscript finished by the beginning of March. I am itching to start my next project. Query Hell...not so much.
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Quick update:

I received my R from Agent X today. It must be Send Out Query Rejections Week. Ah, well. I'm still riding the high from Agent Z's interest, so I'm not in a complete meltdown. Yes, the rejection of my full is upsetting. But, I cannot argue against someone who likes my concept, but doesn't feel like it is a good fit for their agency. (Those are Agent X's words in the rejection, not my assumptions, I swear.)

I'm also distracted by butchering up my querying manuscript. I did mention I wanted to really, really impress Agent Z. Doing so requires another look at my manuscript. So, what I am saying is the editing is helpful. Now, if Agent Z rejects the partial and I don't have any others out, I might have a problem. And yet, I'm too terrified to send out more queries, fearing that one of those would be a quick responder and I'll miss out on Agent Z. That is my conundrum. Did I mention querying is hell?
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So that second read through hurt. A lot. My back's sore from being hunched at a computer desk for 6 days. For being a dancer for twelve years, my posture is horrible.

With Book 2 done, I have that itch I had after completing Book 1 to write the next volume. It ain't going to happen. With it quiet on the Query Front, I need all the completed manuscripts I can write. Part of the itch comes from Book 2 being The Book of Foreshadowing. It isn't littered with plot threads that don't pay off until the end. My series isn't like the first couple of seasons of Lost where the produces were like, "Shit! We don't know how long this is going to last. Get Bai Ling and we'll come up with a story between her and Jack! We need the filler!!!!!" A lot of the foreshadowing pays off in the next book; hence my desires to begin it.

I'm not. I've got another manuscript in my que. It's different, but I think it's going to be shorter than my other stories. My fingers are crossed it will be finished by the end of the year. For those playing the home game, that would mean I will have written three manuscripts this year. (To be fair, one was started at the end of last November, but wasn't really worked on until the new year.) And people wonder why I don't have a life.
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Research. I was online most of the day grabbing those last tidbits I need to complete my editing on Book 2. What did I learn? Well for starters I realized I have a semi-huge, very important fact I need to fix. Not so much a fact, but a plot point. Turns out, butane is a gas compound and only is a powerful accelerant when mixed with propane. So, that's going to be fun tomorrow.

Also, Aromaleigh's killing me right now. Why did you have to send me that 20% off coupon? You know I can't stay away. Why?! 

Here are some of the other kernels of research for ONE project. Yes, somehow they all fit within ONE story.

1. Anne Boleyn was executed in 1536. Her crimes were incest and adultery, with a pinch of witchcraft to even it all out. (Man, Henry VIII really disliked her.)

2. The average amount of time someone can hold their breath under water is one minute.

3. Drawings of yoga positions are hilarious.

4. It's only suppose to take 21 minutes to get from Beverly Hills High School to LAX. Go figure.

5. Flash over during a fire? BAAAAAAADDDDDD.

6. I also found a transcript for Jim Jones' final speech at Jonestown before all his members drank the Kool-Aid. That is some scary stuff right there.

Hmmm...looking at this list, I think I should I delete them out of the recent search menu. Don't want the parentals to worry. I also shouldn't be surprise if the FBI come knocking on my door tomorrow either. 


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