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Some randomness updates, I guess:

1. We can downgrade from Level Green to Level Yellow because I didn't have to go into jury duty!


Relatedly: I'm in Level High Purple because I have to miss the Homeland finale due to the family's Christmas get together on December 21st. One thing people should know about me: Don't fuck with my television schedule. Ever. Secretly, I'm hoping I can flounce out of there before 8pm; but my mom only wants to take one car up to my uncle's house; and while I could leave her and my brother behind, I don't think she'd appreciate that.

Also: Gracepoint Speculation, Christmas shopping, and a podcast in a pear tree )
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Two days until Christmas and--based off of an earlier post--this is what has been done:

-I had my first Peppermint Mocha yesterday. It was strong on the caffeine, light on the peppermint.

-The Christmas Tree is up. This year we're doing the table-top tree since we don't fully trust Jackson, and he won't steal the ornaments or pull down the lights. (Never mind Bella attempted to climb it a couple days ago and knocked it down.) However, our stockings aren't hung.

-The little bit of snow we got on Thursday is already melting away, leaving ugly, brown grass all around. Yuck.

-I bought all the presents I needed and they are--as of ten minutes ago--wrapped, bow-ed, and tagged. Is it just me or can you tell which gift was the last one wrapped because the wrapper got sick and tired and didn't care anymore? Like, the wrapping paper is slightly askew. Or it's a bit short so the wrapper cut a swatch of paper and stuck it on like a Band-Aid. No. Just me?

Sorry, Mom for the poor wrapping job on your gift. But...

(via hernameisjack)

I probably won't have time to post until after Christmas, so to everyone, Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!
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There's been a slight uproar at the house for the past couple of days due to my brother's idea of a Christmas gift for me. Ever since we put my cat, Midnight, down, my brother's been insistent on getting me another to "even the cats out" since he has two and I was left with one. Naturally, when my brother teased me about my Christmas gift and said it "was special" and I was "going to love him [my brother] so much for it" I knew he was trying to convince my mother to adopt another cat for me. It was also suppose to be a thank you for helping him with his papers for college--which I have basically written for him, so those A's he received are mine anyway.

On Friday, when my mother and brother conveniently ducked out of the house, I figured they were getting my "Christmas present". Did I mention my brother volunteers at the animal shelter near our house? The pieces were adding up, and when they did come home, I received my new, replacement kitten. *I is so smart.*

I swear, she's living up to her name with each passing day )
Totally unrelated, the first hour of SciFi's (yes, I refuse to use that stupid, variant spelling "SyFy") Alice aired last night. I was less than impressed. I really liked Tin Man--it was fresh, new, and engaging. Though both were created/written by the same people, Alice felt...off. Wonderland looked like a recycled set from Doctor Who--even the selling of emotions was borrowed from a Doctor Who episode that aired in 2007. Honestly, Alice started off bad. When I see a brown haired Alice, I don't like her unless she's carrying a butcher's knife and sporting Victorian boots. Needless to say, this Alice wasn't. Perhaps the second night will make up for last night's. Doubt it. I may just have to wait for Tim Burton's Alice as a worthy re-imagining of the timeless tale of a girl who slipped through The Looking Glass and the adventure she had on the other side.
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There is a time honored tradition in my house that dates back a few years. It happens after the turkey's been eaten, the in-laws have left, and my brother and I hand over our Christmas lists for the year. It is a race to see whose tree can be put up first. We have two--three counting the Whoville tree I bought at Urban Outfitters a couple years ago. My mother likes the generic green, 7 foot tall fake tree. The one my father and I prefer is...one of a kind.

For the past two years, my mother has succeeded in getting her tree up first. This year, my father and I won.

Gather 'round for a fantastical tale of Christmas cheer )


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