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Fuck you, Katy Perry. Fuck you and your stupid video and fuck my dumbass luck for turning on MTV when they, shockingly, were playing music videos. Because now, thanks to you, and thanks to imagery like this:

(credit to impossiblystill)

My brain is "wow, that kinda looks like your Nutcracker retelling--" "NO, SHUT UP, BRAIN! DON'T THINK IT!!!" Because you know what, brain, if you would've gotten your shit together 4 years ago, you could've beaten the other Nutcracker retelling. Because, brain, you've already pilfered material from the retelling idea for The Book. (But, brain, you don't want to write The Book. You've been stuck on Chapter One for weeks now.) (SHUT UP, BRAIN!) I would have to go through and figure out what to save for The Book and what I'm willing to part with. (Both male MC's are called "Wilhelm"; the villains in both stories are copies of the Mouse King; Millicent/Clara were kinda, sorta, maybe similar in personalities. I don't want to part with any of these in either story.)

On the one hand, it's clear where my heart is leaning towards.

On the other hand, I know which is the more unique, compelling story.

Back to the first hand, I know why I'm stuck with The Book: I planned too much; so my brain's like "we already wrote this, didn't we?" (NOT ON PAPER. IF PEOPLE COULD READ MY THOUGHTS, BELIEVE ME, WE'D ALL BE HAPPIER, BRAIN.) So if I could just push past this. . . .

But then, my brain sometimes works like a tape recorder and if I "record" over it, I may reset my mind back into The Book mindset and it would be new! and fresh! after writing something different. I also, since I'm basically starting over, may want to do a "practice manuscript" to get back into the swing of things.

But, brain, you don't want to spend a couple months writing something that you aren't even going to put out there because you don't really have anymore time to dick around. (YOU'RE DICKING AROUND RIGHT NOW BY ASSUMING THAT THERE ISN'T ROOM ON THE SHELVES FOR ANOTHER NUTCRACKER STORY.) (There isn't. I know this.)

So I'm left with this: Fuck you, Katy Perry.
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Dear Wednesday,

You are awesome. Not only do I get the Berlin State production of The Nutcracker on Ovation TV, but PBS is premiering George Balanchine's The Nutcracker, which is the Nutcracker that makes seeing the Nutcracker near Christmas a tradition. It is the Nutcracker to end all Nutcrackers. (Though why you have to make me chose between this, the Berlin State ballet, and Work of Art on Bravo! makes me think you're secretly evil.)

Now I must get back to staring blankly at my computer screen plotting.



P.S.: LJ, why you limit the number of characters for what I'm listening to? I just need one more free space to close my parentheses!


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