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Yesterday, our two male cats, Buster and Tucker, really went at it. Hissing, clawing, growling, clumps of fur on the kitchen floor, they were all over it. So Buster was put in Kitty Time-Out. (He's easier to contain under the laundry basket than Tucker.) Tucker wanted to make sure Buster stayed in time-out for the appropriate amount of time--smug face and all. Buster was not amused, and vowed vengeance (which sounds an awful lot like he's hungry) once the Time-Out Basket was removed. Too bad cats have the attention span of a hummingbird. Buster promptly forgot about his kitty vengeance after being sprung, choosing instead to clean himself and sleep for the rest of the afternoon. (Have I ever mentioned that I want to come back as a cat in my next life?)

Also: We have snow! Okay, maybe more like flurries--but it's white and soft and started to stick to the ground. Okay, maybe it's just sticking to the pavement. Whatever. Winter is almost upon us.
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There's been a slight uproar at the house for the past couple of days due to my brother's idea of a Christmas gift for me. Ever since we put my cat, Midnight, down, my brother's been insistent on getting me another to "even the cats out" since he has two and I was left with one. Naturally, when my brother teased me about my Christmas gift and said it "was special" and I was "going to love him [my brother] so much for it" I knew he was trying to convince my mother to adopt another cat for me. It was also suppose to be a thank you for helping him with his papers for college--which I have basically written for him, so those A's he received are mine anyway.

On Friday, when my mother and brother conveniently ducked out of the house, I figured they were getting my "Christmas present". Did I mention my brother volunteers at the animal shelter near our house? The pieces were adding up, and when they did come home, I received my new, replacement kitten. *I is so smart.*

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Totally unrelated, the first hour of SciFi's (yes, I refuse to use that stupid, variant spelling "SyFy") Alice aired last night. I was less than impressed. I really liked Tin Man--it was fresh, new, and engaging. Though both were created/written by the same people, Alice felt...off. Wonderland looked like a recycled set from Doctor Who--even the selling of emotions was borrowed from a Doctor Who episode that aired in 2007. Honestly, Alice started off bad. When I see a brown haired Alice, I don't like her unless she's carrying a butcher's knife and sporting Victorian boots. Needless to say, this Alice wasn't. Perhaps the second night will make up for last night's. Doubt it. I may just have to wait for Tim Burton's Alice as a worthy re-imagining of the timeless tale of a girl who slipped through The Looking Glass and the adventure she had on the other side.
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I'm about to unleash an epic fail right now, so place your helmets on. Throwing back to this, I have another novel idea. *hangs head in shame* The good thing that comes out of it is it's a novel I could query should Current Querying Manuscript be shot down by the Agent Fighter Pilots, since my former WIP (the supernatural series) is not a possibility. Not because it's so OMG!Horrible, but there is a timing issue. I have to sync up the releases for a particular entry so it makes sense. (It concerns something happening a 100 years after another historic took place. Said event hasn't hit the 100 year mark, but in 9 years it will. I swear it will make sense *if* the series is ever released.)

So, new novel idea is in its infancy. The concept is take My Chemical Romance's "Teenagers", ramp up the violence, and have kick ass teenagers do horrible, horrible things to one another and the adults that get in their way. I do have the opening pages and following chapter in my head and I know how it all ends and some things in between. Therefore, I have to start it. Like I said, it is also a novel I could query when the current one flames out.

Before I begin, this is what happened on Friday when I finished The Vampire Diaries recap:

It's the crap of my childhood )
I'll make this entry worth something: Still nothing from Agent Z. I am feverishly checking my email. It might be time for me to tackle my other drawer. At least when I was cleaning, I didn't think about Agent Z. It was all, "WTF? Why did I keep this?" Le sigh. I need to get a life.
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Playing a quick game of catch-up because yesterday was busy. First, I received my cat's ashes. My mother felt the need to open the can once we got her home. There's not a whole lot of her in there (I'll spare a photograph). She was a tiny thing when she died--only four pounds--but I thought there would be more, considering the size container they gave us. The vets also did this paw print for us, with her name on it and everything.

Kitties! )

What else could possibly happen yesterday? Well, I received another request for my querying manuscript. Yes, it seems Agent Y wants to play in Submission Apocalypse! Given it's taking me a couple years to get any positive responses, I am not complaining. Agent Y wanted a brief synopsis, first 50 pages, and...an author bio. I bit my nails at seeing that in her email. I'm the first to admit I do not live an exciting life. Nothing I've done has any baring on my writing. And agents don't care if your junior year English teacher said he liked a certain line in one of your papers and that has been your best compliment you've ever received and that's what keeps you going.

I ended up hobbling something together that looks like this: Erin _____ grew up under a steady diet of stories about supernatural creatures and superhuman heroes. She found she had more freedom in telling her own stories about extraordinary people, once she ditched her plastic dolls for a computer. THE WATCHER is her first novel.

Yeah, me? Not so interesting. Also note, agents want the bio in third person...which opens up all sorts of awkwardness while you write it...

Now that package has been sent out. I am still waiting on 7 more queries, so I'll keep you, my two little friends, updated.

Oh, I also broke our coffee pot last night. Though, it was my father who set it in the dishwasher so precariously that it wasn't my fault it fell out when I slide the top shelf out. I'm just sayin'. So, my parents broke out this coffee maker they bought when they got married.

Say hello to this sexy beast circa 1984.


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