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I may or may not have watched this trailer 6x while I ate lunch. I'm getting a lot of The Fifth Element vibes, which is high praise as that's my favorite space opera movie. COLORS ABOUND! And I love how much personality they've given to Rocket and Groot. I love the attitude oozing through a freakin' 2 minute trailer. (Although I may like the first trailer a teensy bit more.) I love stories about anti-heros or misfits banding together. LEE PACE IS PLAYING RONAN THE ACCUSER and Glenn Close is the HBIC. I love that they're keeping with the '70's - '80's era music. ("Hooked on a Feeling" better play during the credits, if not in the movie itself.)

In the words of Stephen Colbert: "GIVE IT TO ME NOW!"
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(Even though I'm posting this on Hannibal Day.)

Yesterday I went and saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier and it was AWESOME. Now, I'm one of the few who actually liked the first Captain America movie (it's pretty much tailored made for me: historical setting + espionage = GOOD TIMES). I'm also one of those who doesn't really care about The Avengers franchise as a whole.

That said: I think Winter Soldier was even better than the first movie. . .and I may be excited for Avengers 2. . .? If I had the funds, I would totally go and see it again. Re-watching a film in the theaters is about the highest praise I can give any movie. (Back when I had a paying job, I saw The Dark Knight four times in the theater, for reference.)

I don't have anything specific to talk about. Yeah, the plot was predictable, even if you didn't know the spoilers going in. Steve Rodgers remains my favorite of the Avengers. There's hand-to-shield fighting. The cameos from the past characters are just enough that they don't distract from the on-going story. The Winter Soldier is doing things for me that Loki has done for other people. Things blew-up. I liked the Steve/Natasha/Sam dynamic. I dug the soundtrack. There's hand-to-knife fighting. More things blew-up. The ending made me feel feelings. The bottom line is that it is an action movie, but it has a heart and characters I enjoyed watching. I really loved how "friendship" was an undercurrent theme that connected all the stories and elements together.

I'm still all about Guardians of the Galaxy. (Is it August yet?) I literally clapped my hands with glee when they showed the trailer. Man, there were a lot of superhero movie trailers: Guardians of the Galaxy, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And none for DC.

I want the next Captain America installment NOW! (Only 757 days!) (*cries*)

So, yeah. . .If anyone else has seen it, we can discuss it here. (Obviously, then, there will be spoilers in the comments.)


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