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First of all, last week I was complaining about my NaNo. Well, I temporary employed a new Muse, and she is working out so much better than my old one. I may need to keep her on the payroll permanently. I might actually finish my WIP next week. *fingers crossed*

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Next Episode: To Come...
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Before I begin the recap, I just want to say right here, right now, NaNoWriMo is kicking my arse. Hard. I suck with deadlines--except for when I was in school. I don't why I do, I just do. It's not even an "OMG! I must finish!!! Arghhhhhh!!!!!" and then I stress out and not get anything done. I just cannot meet a deadline. So, yeah, NaNoWriMo is not going too well.

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Episode 10: "The Turning Point"
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Now that I've had a week to reflect on the "shocking twist" of last week's episode, this is the conclusion I've come to: It did deliver for those viewers who haven't read the books. Admittedly, all those that have read all four books in The Vampire Diaries know what the deal is. We know the story arch for every character--even if their television counterparts are slightly modified for the relatable appeal. Yawn! Damon's agreement to help Elena would have shocked the non-readers because they've yet to see that side of him. For the readers, we all thought the same thing: "It's about time, D-bag."

Where the VD writers failed is Damon's offer coming out of the blue, to the point it seems out of character for him. A little build up so the audience thinks that Damon isn't all that bad would have been welcomed. Now that we've got Damon's dual layers exposed, shall we shatter the viewer's ideals of Stefan? Yes, the writers will try.

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Episode 9: "History Repeating"
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I'm going for the vampire trifecta this week. The previous installments of my vampire frenzy are down below...

I haven't written anything this past week. Nothing. And it's felt wonderful. I realize I really did need a break from writing. I feel calmer, less high strung, and my mood is much improved. Needless to say, I have not been worried about Agent Z. (Yes, still no response. But that's okay. My four weeks will be Monday.) So, this recap is officially the first thing I've written all week.

Can someone please be excited that it's Halloween? )

This recap was brought to you by a Starbucks’ Venti Mocha Frappuccino and pumpkin seeds. Happy Halloween everyone!

Episode 8: "162 Candles"
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I read The Fury, Book 3 in The Vampire Diaries, a couple days ago. I found no mention of a pocket watch, so still stumped on that front. Reading the book has me a little freaked out about Matthew Davis being cast as Alaric Saltzman. I do not see it. I am scared. Also making me scared is how far they can continue the television series. I see three maybe four seasons before the stories run out. That's being generous. Hell, I don't even know how L.J. Smith wrote Dark Reunion considering how The Fury ended.

You have no idea the future I planned for all of us, Stefan. You, me, and Damon. )
Episode 7: "Haunted"
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I looked forward to this week's Vampire Diaries as a distraction. I ended up cutting another 5,000 words from my querying manuscript, which brought it under the 100,000 word mark. Yikes! I do not want to do that again. So, writing this recap was a nice relief. Even considering how depressing this episode was...

I figure if you're going to dump me, you should at least know who you're dumping )

Episode 6: "Lost Girls"
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This recap is brought to you today by listening to Emilie Autumn's Unlaced side of Laced/Unlaced. Mmmm...metal violin. I needed it if VD is going to consistently act the way it is. Going into the fourth week, I've decided this: The show isn't bad, but it ain't great. I consider Doctor Who and Showtime's Dexter to be great shows, amongst others. Both are risk takers with their storytelling. VD seems to be operating on the safe arena. Currently, they are waffling between making Damon a great villain and being incredibly annoying. I can understand what's going on. The CW's doesn't want to piss off the Twilight fans--clearly, their targeted audience--but they are trying their best to get out of that shadow. Twilight is unfortunately a big shadow to get out of; no matter how much earlier your source matter was published. I do not envy them one bit.

Here's to history repeating itself )

Episode 5: "You're Undead to Me"
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And so this is how it's going to be, Vampire Diaries? You are going to be awesome one week and then not so much the next? Okay, maybe I'm judging you too harshly. Perhaps the wow factor of Supernatural right afterwards dulled your shine. It's not your fault that Supernatural had an awesome revelation (one I had been praying would happen since last season). You were having an off-night.

I hate to break it to you, VD, but you don't have the luxury to have an off-night. You're the new kid on the block. You've got a lot to prove. No more sliding.

Last night's episode is what I like to call, "let's throw plot points from the first two books at the audience and see what sticks to the kitchen wall." It was an interesting night. I'll leave it at that:

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Episode 4: "Family Ties"
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I nursed my vampire overdose by reading another vampire YA novel. This time it was Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Apart from being sick of the word "vampire" showing up in these titles, I've found another gripe:

5. Stop giving vampires mystic powers! I don't want to read another vampire who can see the future, control elements, heal people, hear the inner most thoughts of the girl their obsessed with. I know, I know, Dracula controlled some elements and he was besties with wolves and other lower level animals. That's fine because he didn't flaunt it. I'm so sick of vampires being "one with the Earth". They aren't suppose to be. Their the world's rejects--forced to live on the plane of existence by feeding off of life itself. That's enough for me. Quick reflexes, superhuman hearing, and impressive strength are okay. Just knock it off with the psychic abilities, please.

Vampire Academy wasn't that bad. Richelle Mead got me at the "forbidden love" nonsense. Don't look at me like that! It’s not between a mortal and vampire. I'm sorry, but nothing beats two people from not being together because their love would jeopardize their sacred duty of protecting her best friend. Nothing! I'm such a loser...

Also-also: The Vampire Diaries pilot < last night's episode. I'm still wavering between continual watching the show; and yet, if VD keeps up its slow rise of getting better, it might become a not-so guilty pleasure of mine. Lots of stuff went down, including character reversals, baaaaaad vampire shenanigans, and a renewed hope that producers actually know what their doing with the changes they've made.

The comet is a sign of impending doom... )

Episode 3: "Friday Night Bites"
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I downed The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening last weekend like it was cough syrup in preparation for the premiere. Nothing was spoiled--at least nothing that wasn't already shown in the preview trailers, TV spots, and magazine articles. Sharpen your wooden stakes, it's time to analyze the latest vampire-novel adaptation...

I know the risk, but I need to know her )

Episode 2: "The Night of the Comet"


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