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I realized as I was getting ready to write this that I haven't mentioned the new addition to the family who has a starring role in this little tragedy I'm about to tell. Therefore, an introduction is in order.

Making his LJ debut, across the internet, from his little home next to the toilet in the downstairs bathroom....heeeeeeere's....Jackson!

I promise, he's usually a happy dog,
but in every picture I took, he looks sad or very possessed;
though sometimes he acts like a devil dog.

Before it's asked, no, he's not named after this Jackson, but this badass. He's closing in on four months and he's a Labrador Retriever-Terrier-shh!-Rottweiler mix. He likes chewing, puppy treats, belly scratches, proving he can still fit in your lap even though he's over 20 pounds now, eating his food in under a minute, eating everything he can find because we absolutely, never-ever feed him (can't you tell he's starving?), running upstairs where he knows he can't go, running downstairs to the basement: also a no-puppy zone, and trying to get the not-dogs (read: cats) to play with him. He dislikes the word "no", the black not-dog that hisses and tries to claw his eye out when he just wants to say, "Hey, how's it going? I'm Jackson.", the grey-and-white not-dog that actively charges at him like a bull, his leash, other dogs, and rain.

Okay, now that's out of the way, we're back to the incident on Monday. A One-Act Tragedy in Puppy Theater )
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Dear Ovation TV,

I am very excited that your annual Battle of the Nutcrackers is starting next week, with all-day marathons of each Nutcracker production beginning the following week. Now, I can spend the whole day staring at the TV and claim it's research. Even though, let's be honest with each other, I'm really procrastinating because I'm terrified to write this story because it's so strange...so out there, and I think (no, I know) that if I can't pull it off it's going to be a big mound of WTF?, and OMG I haven't even finished a manuscript in over 16 months and I'm freaking out because it's like I'm starting all over and learning the basics for crafting a story, and how do I write a plot and dialogue and characters that people are going to care about, and how the hell do I incorporate fairies when there weren't any fairies in the original fairy tale, which is odd because you'd think there would be some what with the word "fairy tale" using the word "fairy", and if I'm being completely honest, nothing happens in the second act of the ballet, or really, in the first part because that's all Stahlbaum Christmas Extravaganza '92--and by '92 I mean 1892--then the Mouse King comes, but when things start to go down and it looks like a plot is forming he's taken down by a ballet slipper (which is so embarrassing when you think about it), and then Act Two is like a giant game of Candyland-but-not-really-Candyland-because-that's-a-trademarked-brand where the plot gets convoluted with pirouettes and jet├ęs, and how the hell do I end this sentence because I started off with a statement, then asked a question, went back to a statement, and am now finishing with another question, but now I'm rambling so it's like I should just finish up with a period, but if I ask for reassurance that's like asking a question, so does a question mark belong here or should I simply end with ellipses while I scream like a banshee like this...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So, in conclusion, five days of the Nutcracker Ballet: BRING IT!




Nov. 24th, 2010 02:29 pm
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YOU GUYS! They remade The Nutcracker. Why was I not informed? What the hell have they done to it? Who the hell thinks about Nazis when they think about Christmas? Why does the Nutcracker look like Pinocchio? And why the hell is it in 3D? Oh, it's apparently as bad as it sounds.

I just... Nazis? Kid's flick? This doesn't even sound like one of those it's-made-for-kids-but-waaaaaaay-creepy-when-you-think-about-it films. It's like Pan Labyrinth...but marketed for kids. Oh, to be a fly on those theater walls.

(I may have an invested interest considering my WIP is a modern(ish) retelling of The Nutcracker...so I'm taking notes on this sucker of what. not. to. do. Still, even my messed up mind would not turn the Mouse Army into facists. Also: Nazis!)


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