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The Official Music Video for "Blood":

Not quite what I imagined. I was thinking more of cabaret, vintage feel and not as a tag-on to their video for "Teenagers". Still: Sassy Gerard and PUPPY!

(Also, yes, I changed my layout again. Deal with it.)
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So this happened.

Weirdly I had been thinking about MCR yesterday and wondering if they had broken up/were on the verge considering "the scandal" from a couple months ago. (Just hit the "my chemical romance" tag at [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt; it's the second entry.)

If I was still in high school, this would be so traumatic. I'd be in my mourning garb, cradling my Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, and crying about how love was dead...or something. So, I'm oddly calm about the whole thing. No matter what I feel about the band now (and I do/did like them, just...I peaked with my obsessive love for them and the music during The Black Parade), I have to acknowledge and thank them for getting me through my last two years of high school. I want to thank them for changing my musical tastes and leading me to The Dresden Dolls, Emilie Autumn, and the other musical "misfits". I thank them for being with me in the ER waiting room when my father had his sudden illness right before I was to start my senior year. I thank them for accompanying me, day in and day out, to my retail job that I hated. Also, for being in the car my last day working there, so I could crank "Give 'em Hell, Kid" as I tore out of that parking lot. I can't thank them enough for their music--beautifully visual and honest--that has been the single greatest impact on my writing.

And finally, I want to thank for making me realize there was nothing wrong with me because I wasn't into the same things the other girls at my high school were, that I would never be popular, and that it was okay. It was okay to be into horror movies and true crime. It was okay that I didn't have many friends. I was okay.

At least we will always have the music.
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Eek! November 22! November 22! It's Christmas for us MCR fans.

So, money in hand, gas in the car, Revenge hoodie on (what, what), I made the pilgrimage to the local Best Buy, praying the new music would be out at 10:30 am. A Farce wherein I get the stink-eye and overall impressions of Danger Days, minus any spoilers )


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