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I'm always in flux when it comes to my interests. TV shows end, new ones come back. I watch a movie and need to see it again and again. I read a book, and the story continues long after I've read that final page. Here a few things clogging up my mind at the moment.

Movies (and books):

Vampires and a lovely actress )
On the TV front:

Dueling magicians, strange creatures, and a man in a waist coat )
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First Point: Theaters should really ban parents from bringing their toddlers to PG-13 movies. Especially movies that border into the scary territory. We had a toddler screaming her head off for 15 minutes before an usher came. Keep your fucking kids at home.

About the movie: I thought it was a good, summer blockbuster. Admittedly, I might have been riding on a nostalgia high because there were a lot of nods and winks to Jurassic Park (and to the book supposedly). I think the series is redeemed after Jurassic Park III. Jurassic World is more action-packed than the first. It tried to juggle a lot of subplots. Some of these subplots worked. Others. . . not so much. Most of the characters are one-dimensional. The only character that goes through any arc is Bryce Dallas Howard's; but it's the atypical, cold businesswoman grows a heart and realizes there's more to life than money. Also, if they plan on remaking/rebooting Indiana Jones, don't be surprised if Chris Pratt gets the part.

Non-spoilery Bits:

--I came out of the movie questioning my own thoughts regarding zoos, and circuses, and anything else that puts animals on display. I know there's been a lot of vocal outcry after the deaths at Sea World and Sea World's overall treatment of their animals. (Some people who've seen the movie feel like one of the Jurassic World deaths was pointedly taking on Sea World; I can't comment to the validity of that, though.)

I think it was obviously the director and writer(s) intention to parallel Jurassic World with our real life fascination of going to the zoo or animal entertainment parks. Even the freaking dino petting zoo made me uncomfortable, as I flashed back to my own experiences of riding a pony that's rigged to one of those walking circles. That pony's existence wasn't solely for my own, personal pleasure. So, yeah. . . I think it's going to be a long time before I go to a zoo again.

--I miss the animatronic dinosaurs. I don't think the CGI was bad per se. IDK. The human-dino interactions felt cold compared to the OG and The Lost World because I knew in my head the actors were acting with empty spaces. Though one scene was very touching and I might've choked up. (I was emotionally compromised before the film because we got the trailer for Max and just nooooooope.)

--Every time they used the "Jurassic Park Theme", I got chills. Every. Time.

--For the first time, I felt bad for the Velociraptors. I've always thought they were cool; but never have I been like "Nooooo, don't hurt them!" I also thought Pratt's "ability" to handle the raptors was on point and made sense and didn't take away from the fact that the raptors were dangerous creatures. *shrugs*

Relatedly: LOL I see you movie trying to explain why the Jurassic Park Velociraptors don't look like the real life Velociraptors.

--I completely forgot I was in public, and during the climatic fight I might've let out an audible "Fuck, yeah." Oops. Seriously, guys, it was so satisfying, both in honor of the OG movie and redeeming JP3.

Spoilery Bits:


--Loved the all the OG nods: the boys stumbling on the old compound, complete with the old merchandise, Tim's binoculars, and old Jeeps; the statue of Mr. Hammond in the Visitors' Center; the hologram Dilophosaurus that appeared during the raptor attack; THE SAME T-REX FROM THE OG MOVIE; lol Dr. Malcolm's "cameo" on the back of the book.

--Zara's death was very, very traumatic. That's all.

--My favorite scene was when Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) went and got the T-Rex. Two boss-ass bitches sharing the same screen.

--THAT FUCKING CLIMATIC FIGHT!!! I don't care how OTT or cheesy it was. The T-Rex and Velicoraptor coming together and kicking ass and then parting as "friends". (The nostalgia, man, it got to me.) Fuck yeah, Teamwork!

I don't know where I'd put World. . . definitely behind Jurassic Park and probably The Lost World (mainly for nostalgia). All I was hoping was that World would be better than Jurassic Park III, and in my opinion, it was. So, good job, folks.
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Since I know two people (at least) on my f'list will enjoy this:

Star Wars: Episode VII Teaser Trailer #2

(Not embedding the actual video because the video image is a spoiler, IMO.)

I think most of you know that I have a very. . . "meh" interest in Star Wars that stems from my brother's obsession with it while we were growing up. That said, I totally felt things once the theme music kicked in and I might be excited. . .? Anyway, between this and Jurassic World coming out this summer, my inner child has been awoken. Because even if I don't consider myself a super-fan of Star Wars the original trilogy is a vital part of my DNA.

Count me as excited and I'll be in the theaters come this December.
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I was going to do a Top 5 countdown of sorts for V-Day; but that didn't work out. FYI, I've queue'd a bunch of posts of my favorite/memorable pairings on my Tumblr for tomorrow. (Rhoda, there's going to be a Homeland spoiler on there after 6pm, so be warned.)

Anyway, here's something that's relevant to, I think, everyone's interest. Enjoy.

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This is for Rhoda's benefit because I think I broke her brain when I admitted that I had never, ever seen The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

Bolded are the movies I've seen
Italic titles are movies on my to-watch list

AFI's Top 100 Movie List (via 2007) )
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So I saw Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday because duh! I've only been anticipating it since February. I already have plans to see it again next weekend, so that should tell you all how I feel about it. But more specific things:

Minor GotG spoilers, larger spoilers are marked as so )

I'm still in that after-movie high right now; but I think it's safe to say that Guardians of the Galaxy is second behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier in terms of favorite Marvel movie. I'll definitely be back for more in 2017.
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Technically I saw it a couple weeks ago and I meant to write something up sooner to help the word-of-mouth buzz this movie needs. I don't really understand the marketing--or lack thereof--Warner Bros. is doing with this movie. Like, I understand that Tom Cruise isn't as beloved in the States as he was in the '90's. But come on; it's built right into the premise that if you HATE Tom Cruise, you get to watch him die over and over again. (I also get the "white washing" criticism since the movie is based off a "light novel" from Japan that starred Japanese characters.)

Still, it's one of the best reviewed movies of the summer (92% audience-rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 71 Meta Score). Vague Spoilers for Edge of Tomorrow but nothing that'll ruin the movie )
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(Even though I'm posting this on Hannibal Day.)

Yesterday I went and saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier and it was AWESOME. Now, I'm one of the few who actually liked the first Captain America movie (it's pretty much tailored made for me: historical setting + espionage = GOOD TIMES). I'm also one of those who doesn't really care about The Avengers franchise as a whole.

That said: I think Winter Soldier was even better than the first movie. . .and I may be excited for Avengers 2. . .? If I had the funds, I would totally go and see it again. Re-watching a film in the theaters is about the highest praise I can give any movie. (Back when I had a paying job, I saw The Dark Knight four times in the theater, for reference.)

I don't have anything specific to talk about. Yeah, the plot was predictable, even if you didn't know the spoilers going in. Steve Rodgers remains my favorite of the Avengers. There's hand-to-shield fighting. The cameos from the past characters are just enough that they don't distract from the on-going story. The Winter Soldier is doing things for me that Loki has done for other people. Things blew-up. I liked the Steve/Natasha/Sam dynamic. I dug the soundtrack. There's hand-to-knife fighting. More things blew-up. The ending made me feel feelings. The bottom line is that it is an action movie, but it has a heart and characters I enjoyed watching. I really loved how "friendship" was an undercurrent theme that connected all the stories and elements together.

I'm still all about Guardians of the Galaxy. (Is it August yet?) I literally clapped my hands with glee when they showed the trailer. Man, there were a lot of superhero movie trailers: Guardians of the Galaxy, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And none for DC.

I want the next Captain America installment NOW! (Only 757 days!) (*cries*)

So, yeah. . .If anyone else has seen it, we can discuss it here. (Obviously, then, there will be spoilers in the comments.)
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First, let's all admire the new layout. Oooh, ahhh. I wanted something to match my tumblr; and this what three days of coding, re-coding, losing half the code sheet after a copy-paste accident, and saying to hell with it!, results in. (If I never see/type another layout code again, I'd be very pleased.)

Second, A Doctor Who Re-watch update...or not-update as is the case. I knew I never, ever should've written that post because whenever I mention something I'd like to/want to do, it never, ever happens. And then I feel bad because I feel like I let people down. I did start the re-watch and was clipping along nicely, until I got to "The Long Game". Then I got sick. Then I fell behind my planned schedule: I wanted Seasons 1 and 2 done by August. It's mid-September and I still haven't moved passed "Dalek". Then more shenanigans surrounding the 50th sprung up, and I got really angry, and my reviews would be nothing more than rants on the state of Doctor Who, and that really doesn't open up to much discussion.

The true heart of it is that I just cannot devote myself to writing up reviews. I'm at that point--either because of personal things or because it's been so long since I've written anything--where the sheer thought of writing words is exhausting. Seriously--this post right here has taken me two days to freakin' write. Half-assing reviews wouldn't work either; it's just not in my nature. Perhaps I care too much about what I write--yes, even about rinky-dink reviews--but I've always been one to choose quality after quantity. So, it's become a matter of prioritizing. If I'm only good for a couple hours of quality writing, I really need to devote that time to The Book. And to even get a couple hours of good writing for The Book, my sole focus needs to be on The Book. (I can already tell that if regulate weekends to Doctor Who it'll spill into Monday and Tuesday of obsessing over what I'm going to say about DW.) (Homeland also starts next week, so my Mondays are a wash anyway.)

I hope once The Book is in a workable first draft, I can re-start the re-watch. Realistically, this probably won't be until next year; and since Doctor Who isn't returning until late 2014, I want to be all caught up before the "next era".

Finally, I've been in the mood to watch Gothic movies, in part because Halloween is coming up and, most importantly, because I'm trying to capture a certain atmosphere with The Book--isolation, paranoia, fear, all the things that make up a good Gothic story. So, I've complied a list:

List this a-way )

Combing through other people's lists of gothic movies, "gothic" seems to mean different things for people. Movies like The Craft and Crow kept popping up; and while they're "gothic" in nature, those aren't the type of movies I'm looking for. Nor am I interested in ghost stories/haunted houses--although quite a few show-up on the list. I'm mainly looking for movies that evoke the atmosphere I'm trying to recreate. Bonus points if someone's sense of reality is at the heart of the story, too. (For Doctor Who fans, think along the lines of "Tooth and Claw", "Hide", and "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS".)

I'd like to find a few more "gothic" stories without any supernatural under-current, so suggestions are wonderful. (And, Rhoda, whenever I get this mini-Gothic marathon going, I'd love to post reviews at [livejournal.com profile] candycorncomm...providing I don't run into the same issues with the [failed] Doctor Who Rewatch.)
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How amazing is this poster celebrating the past Best Picture winners? I spent a good fifteen minutes playing "guess the movie" with myself. If I had more followers, I'd turn this into a meme. If anyone else wants to play along, leave your guesses in the comments/post to your own blog. (No cheating and going over to IMDB!) I've also italicized the ones I've seen.

Guesses this a'way )

Okay, once I got to 2002 it was easier to remember which movies had won in recent years.

And as for 2012's Best Picture, I'm going to go with Argo because lord knows the Academy likes giving Oscars out to movies that celebrate movies.
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Three hours 'til Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! Three hours 'til Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!

I'm not even going to lie: This is the most excited I've been for a movie since, well, probably The Dark Knight. I've had a crappy past two years couple of months. I need this movie; I need it be about as good as the teaser trailer. All I want to see is Honest Abe axe a few vamps in the face. See? I'm so easy to please in my current state. And, from everything I've heard, it sounds like that's what I'll get. IN THREE HOURS!!!

10:45 Update: I have seen the axing. I loved it. And not in an ironic way. Abe axed vampires and he axed them good.

In conclusion:

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So. I just came back from seeing the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. And yeah.

I don't want to say how meh it was; nor think about how badly they slaughtered the franchise. And I certainly don't want to compare to hearing Ke$ha on the radio and thinking, "Yeah, this will do until I get home and can listen to Lady Gaga on my iPod." Therefore I won't.

But I will share the one thought I had throughout the movie, and even right now. I wonder if Hollywood thinks we (the general, movie going public) are stupid. I wonder because, other than repackaging it with a different Freddy Krueger, they copied quite a few iconic shots. For example--and not spoliery since it's seen in the trailer--Tina/Kris's death is repeated. Now, part of me believes it's the special effects guys saying, "Special effects have come such a long way since 1984, let's show you by redoing the thrashing scene!" and not laziness. And damn did they toss Kris around the room like a toddler smashing a Tonka trunk in the ground. Another is the bathtub scene--also in the trailer--where Freddy's claw comes between Nancy's legs. I understand wanting to pay homage to the original; but all you're doing is reminding us how awesome the original is compared to what I'm watching now.

Which leads me to think the studio doesn't believe our generation is interested in the original. Or that we have never heard of video rental stores. The original came out four years before I was born; and yet, everyone I know who was born after 1984 has seen Nightmare. It's a classic slasher flick--a must see in the vein of Halloween and Friday the 13th. And let's be honest, if slasher flicks aren't your thing, you are not going to run out and see the remake, no matter who is in it. Therefore, chances are your audience has seen the original and their pure reason for viewing the remake is to see how badly it's been mucked up.

I guess what I'm saying is this: I'm okay with remakes, so long as the overall remake is different from the original. Rob Zombie's Halloween is a good example. It stayed true to John Carpenter's movie, but also is it's own movie--whether it's a good film or not is debatable. There is a fine line in paying homage towards the parent film you are remaking. Unfortunately, taking an iconic shot/scene from the original and doing nothing more with it just serves to remind how awesome the first movie did it...as well as how original it was in the first place.

ETA: My slash-off for both versions of A Nightmare on Elm Street is here.
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I've been meme-slapped by [livejournal.com profile] rhoda_rants to list 10 of my favorite things that start with the letter "P." I didn't realize until now how few of my interest begin with that letter--so if this list looks haphazard, odd, and just plain "WTF?", it's because it is. Yes, I cheated with a few things...c'mon, I was grasping at straws here.

My 10 Favorite Things That Start with P )
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I think I suffered a vampire overdose last weekend. Saturday morning I saw Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (mostly because of John C. Reilly), and then that evening I watched Shadow of the Vampire, which is the "story" behind the filming of F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu. I ended the weekend with Sunday night's viewing of Nosferatu. I went to bed after it wearing a turtleneck. Shut up! I know the extra clothing material does little to stop a bloodsucker. It would at least slow one down.

I was entertained with the three vampire flicks--all for unique reasons. Is that your wife? What a lovely throat. )
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I have been having a mediocre week. I wanted to get a lot of things done, and I feel like nothing has been finished.

1. Still no word from Agent Z, and I am getting worried. Her assistant said to expect a response in 4-6 weeks. Checking Agent Z's profile on Query Tracker and seeing how quickly she positively responds to submission requests, has messed with my head. But, as long as I don't see my SASE in the mail, I think there's hope. Maybe...

2. I am trying extra-extra hard to finish my current WIP by end of October/beginning of November just to have it done. Afterwards, I think I'm going to take the remainder of the year "off". I think I need a mini-break. Yeah, I know, not the best thing for an unpublished, unemployed person to say. With my current WIP, I would have finished three manuscripts this year, with another two in start mode. Truthfully, I think I am about to burn out. Which is REALLY not good. Also not helping to bring a joyous mood is the subject matter of said WIP.

3. I just got an email informing me Emilie Autumn's The Asylum release date has been pushed back to mid-December. ACK! I don't blame Miss Autumn--printing issues happen. It's just delay, after delay, after delay, has occurred. I had this to look forward to at the end of the month, but now two more months have been tacked on. I just want it....

The bright spot is no new Vampire Diaries tonight. No worries to get a recap done tomorrow--so I could focus on writing, since today looks to be a complete wash. Also, I'll be seeing The Vampire's Assistant on Saturday. Yeah or nay? Dear God, I already imagine there will be another new version of the New Moon trailer.
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I don't even know where to begin. The only other David Lynch movie I've seen was The Elephant Man, and I only got about half way through it. No, I have never seen a full episode of Twin Peaks. Parts of it, yes. Even if I had, it wouldn't have prepared me for what I saw in Eraserhead. Made completely on his own without the influence of a major studio, Mr. Lynch had free rein to do whatever he wanted with Eraserhead. And he did.

In Heaven, everything is fine )
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My mother decided to watch The Uninvited with me this evening. It was one of those movies with a mystery the audience is suppose to figure out, but the screenwriter(s) thinks he's so clever they'll never see that final "twist". Needless to say, I was worried my mother would be upset with me before the movie's end like this time.

I called the person behind the fire 6 minutes and 30 seconds into the movie. For the record, I have not seen the Japanese movie it is based on, A Tale of Two Sisters. I will also admit the Sixth Sense-like ending was not on my radar. And I did enjoy the person's comment of why she did what she did. See, I don't always get it correct.

I blame the marketing of the film. Of course the person who is made out to look like the bad guy/girl turns out not to be the one, when the whole tag of the movie has the phrase "a shocking twist you won't see coming". Excuse me, but you told what was going to happen before I even saw the first five minutes of the film on that sentence alone.

I think my mother's done with watching movies with me. When the credits rolled, she got up and left me alone in my room, mumbling a few choice words of how she should know better than to watch a movie with me. Funny, I saw that ending for our evening too.

ETA: In an effort to prove I don't always figure out the endings, I had no idea Shane would Croquet Mallet Smash! Pilar at the end of Weeds last night.


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