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Hannibal is being moved to Saturdays, effective immediately. . . I guess?

I'm not sure where all of us Fannibals are with the show. I've been watching it weekly, but more out of habit (and just to get through the entire thing) than because I WANT to watch it. I'm even less excited about the Red Dragon storyline after 1. the first half of the season and 2. the footage shown at Comic-Con. The footage wasn't bad per se, but the toll of the first half has sunk my enthusiasm.

Anyway, that's been your weekly update on Hannibal.
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I'm posting this here because it's my sandbox, and rather than go into other people's sandboxes and kick sand in their faces, I'll do it in my own sandbox. Ya'll, that Hannibal premiere? I'm underwhelmed. No, scratch that, I'm pissed.

Hannibal 3x01 Spoilers )
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First look at Hannibal: Season 3 that, yes, includes a quick glimpse at Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde.


So, I've found my excitement--and am actually intrigued by the first half of the season with Hannibal and Bedelia than I've ever been--but I remain cautiously optimistic. I'm never going to be entirely thrilled that we're only getting six episodes of Red Dragon AND the fact that Hannibal will still eat up that time in order to appeal to the core fanbase. (I'm guessing; I hope Hannibal will be used sparingly in the back-end of the season.)

Anyway, two more weeks, Fannibals. Two. More. Weeks.
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There's too much stuff happening today, so let's see if I can hit them all:

1. "May the 4th Be With You"

Unofficially today is "Star Wars Day" so to all the Star Wars fans, happy May 4th. I have seen a lot of Star Wars resurgence on Tumblr and people coming out of the woodwork for Star Wars since the extended trailer hit. I guess 2015 is the year of Star Wars. (Sorry, Avengers/Marvel. But you're also owned by Disney. . . so maybe 2015 is the year of Disney?)

Anyway, Vanity Fair has the Star Wars gang on its cover. There's also a Behind-the-Scenes video that contains minor spoilers; so be on the look out for that, those that want to stay unspoiled. (I'm including myself in that gang. Speculation is fun and okay, but no ACTUAL! REALLY! TRULY! movie spoilers. Thanks.) Anyone else think Daisy Ridley is a dead-ringer for Natalie Portman? If she is not a Skywalker/Solo kid, I will go out and buy a hat and eat it.

ETA: Of course after I post this, the entire article appears online. There's minor spoilers about secondary characters. (I didn't read the article; so there may be spoilers in there, too.) But there are lots and lots of pictures!

2. Happy 86th Birthday, Audrey Hepburn


I've been on an Old Hollywood/Turner Classics Movie kick as of late, and while I wouldn't consider myself a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, I do love her. Not solely because of her talent and acting career. (Though, if you've never seen Wait Until Dark, you must!) But she was a damn fine, caring and compassionate person. She's proof that beauty not only lies outside, but matters inside, too.

3. 129th Anniversary of The Haymarket Affair

So, I'm not going to lie: The first thing that comes to my mind whenever someone mentions "May 4th" is The Haymarket Affair. It's been on my mind lately--more so than how it relates to The Book--but because of the events in Baltimore right now. I'm not saying both cases are the same (even the strikers of 1886 didn't bother getting the under-served African American community involved). This is where I add another recommendation--Death in the Haymarket by James Green--and tell you that people with power have always, and will continue, to misuse that power until they are called out on it.

I salute all those in Baltimore who are peacefully protesting, who are bringing attention to the injustices in their city and around the entire country. I hope Freddie Gray and his family get the justice they deserved. And I hope the people that matter--the lawmakers, the civil rights protectors, the gatekeepers who can make the changes that are desperately needed--heed the words that the protestors are saying.

4. Nurses's Week

Some of you may know that my mom is a nurse. (She works in Maternity, FTR.) Nurses are severely under-appreciated and over-worked. They are the busy bees that make a hospital run. So, go out and hug and thank a nurse this week.

5. One month until Hannibal premieres

It knows why it's last on my list of things today.
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Since I've rounded up all the other Hannibal news:

So there you go. It's a Thursday--so not the Time Slot of Death--and not too terribly late in the summer.

(FWIW: Still in the bottom-level of expectations because the more I think about things from S2 and the details that have come out. . .I'm just not as excited as I was during the S1 into S2 wait. I'm sure my excitement will rev up once we get closer and once the show is actually on the air. But, with Orphan Black, Sleepy Hollow, and Hannibal all faltering in their second seasons after starting out SO STRONG, I am wary.)
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1. Molly Graham has been cast. I've heard nothing but good things about Venus in Fur and Hugh and Nina's chemistry together. (The play apparently was, uh, VERY steamy and sexy.) It bums me out, then, that we're getting dropped into their relationship and they couldn't have Molly appear earlier in the season pre-marriage.

2. Season 3 Trailer (Spoilers obviously; and since I don't how spoiled one of us Fannibals wants to be, I'll avoid talking about it openly other than saying BEDELIA, YOU IN DANGER, GIRL!)

3--AND MOST FUCKING IMPORTANTLY--. WE HAVE OUR REBA! I am here for it. I loved Rutina in the first two seasons of True Blood. (I only watched the first two; but I heard they did her/Tara dirty by the end. Hopefully history won't repeat itself here.) I loved that Fuller and Co. went outside of what was expected. And while I agree with [livejournal.com profile] gothrockrulz that Emily Watson is my benchmark for Reba, I think Rutina will be great. Now tell me how many episodes Rutina/Reba is going to be in KTHNX.
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I promise a real, personal update in the coming days.

Two updates:

1. Molly Graham is being cast right now. (And there's gonna be another fucking time jump in the middle of the season into the Red Dragon storyline, and uggggggghhhhhh, the writer in me is cringing.)

2. Since everyone is/was wondering about its premiere date and I (stupidly) suggested March/April: From an NBC executive, Hannibal won't premiere until Summer. Oops. (Though, I'm okay with this because a lot of my TV shows are coming back in March and April, and at least there will be SOMETHING to watch in this summer.)

An aside: I think I'm gonna put a moratorium on discussing S3 of Hannibal because with each detail that comes out, the lower and lower my expectations get, and I hate to be the person raining on everyone's parades with "yeah, but. . ." Unless Reba gets cast, then we can all celebrate.
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I'm, um, okay with this. . .I guess? The Hannibal casting hasn't let me down yet; but, uh, honestly the only thing I've ever seen Richard Armitage in is Captain America: The First Avenger. . .and he wasn't in it long. And I, like, love Ralph Fiennes's version. . .so I'm torn. . .but excited. . .but. . .cautious.


Now fucking cast Reba and Molly and I'll be happy as a peach.
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Last Hannibal related post, I promise. I'm putting it behind a cut to hide my capslock of rage. You've been warned.

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So. . .if I'm reading this recent article from Deadline correctly (it's the one called "Comic-Con: Bryan Fuller Reveals ‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Details, Returning Characters & Emmy Disappointment"; LJ won't let me link to it), it looks like we're getting Red Dragon smashed into the end of next season.

I'm. . .I'm not sure how I like this. I mean, I was curious how they'd expand Red Dragon to fulfill a 13-episode arc. But, I was hoping they'd use the time and space to flesh out Dolarhyde and Reba and their relationship and move away from the Hannibal/Will murder husbands. So, right now, I'm extremely nervous about Dolarhyde's characterization and Alana being slotted into Reba's role to cut down on the number of new characters. (NGL, I'm pretty furious if that's the direction they're taking Alana.)

Upside: if I am reading Fuller's quotes correctly, at least I won't have to live in fear that Hannibal will be cancelled before the Red Dragon season.

But. . .Fannibals Three, I'm really scared now. Really, really scared.
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I got Will Graham again. I think choosing the Rottweiler skewed my results.

If you any of you get Hannibal Lecter, I'm never speaking to you again, I swear. Conversely, if any of you get Freddie Lounds, I keep my blinds shut at all times. Go stalk someone else.

And I can't rightly link to this test without linking to the hilarious segment that started the whole thing. (For context, Cleo is a regular guest on the podcast--which I highly recommend for all your Hannibal/horror interests. Everyone pray for Cleo.)
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So. I posted my "OMG WTF did I just see?" thoughts in Cleo's discussion post here. Actually, I'm all over her discussion post that I feel like I've already covered a lot of things and I'm all talked out. I'm trying not to repeat myself too much in this wrap-up post; so if I don't touch on anything specific about the finale here, bring it up in the comments and I'll be happy to talk about it there (because there's a lot of stuff to cover).

ETA: Although this post by itself is pretty long, so I hope you all packed a snack.

First: I take back everything I said regarding the finale being over-hyped. Hannibal Finale Discussion and overall thoughts on the season )

Onto some Season 3 speculation:

Season 3 Speculations with bonus Fuller Interview links )

*whew* We have a long 9 months ahead of us. Welcome to the He-Ate-Us, Rhoda!
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All the NBCHannibal stuff--the tumblr and twitter--better knock it off with the "this finale is going to blow your brains" because the last time something was hyped up to this degree it was the DW 50th, and we all know how I feel about that. (To wit: It was not good.)

(Speaking of: BBC released a teaser for the Season 8 trailer. . .which isn't anything exciting. Although we do know the season premiere is August.)

Two things I don't want to happen:

Spoilers from Hannibal Season 2 and speculation )

I'll have an actual, final Hannibal post this weekend, complete with Season 3 speculations. *sniff* What are we going to do with ourselves for 9 months?

11:30pm EDIT: Before anyone asks, I'm totally okay even though one of the things I dreaded happening happened. A little annoyed; but not angry. Also: My finale prediction was pretty darn accurate (minus the Abigail thing, which I'll discuss later) *does Snoopy dance* *runs off to buy some lottery tickets* *sobs into a bowl of ice cream*
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*rushes in*

NBC renewed Hannibal for another season!

*rushes out*

*rushes back in*

We're 3 episodes and a season away from Red Dragon!

*rushes out screaming, "GIVE ME RED DRAGON OR GIVE ME DEATH!"*

ETA: Natalie Portman seems very. . .orgasmic over this news. *blushes*
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Another Hannibal Day, another post which features Hannibal. (Sorry.) (Not sorry.)

First: I'm gonna put our brand, spanking new Batman Hannibal Signal to use--

FannibalSigil_original(made by Rhoda)
Ta Da! Credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] rhoda_rants

Assemble, The Fannibals Three )

In all honestly, I am working on other things to post that don't relate to Hannibal. Right now it's a choice between me squeeing and (subsequently) screaming about a TV show or wallowing in minute writing things. Pick your poison.
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I promise I'll lessen up on the Hannibal posts someday. Today is not that day.

Rhoda recently posted about her feelings regarding how Hannibal and Game of Thrones have different approaches to their adaptations. Yesterday, I watched this interview with Hannibal's creator, Bryan Fuller, that's relevant to Rhoda's interests. (Bless your light, Fuller.)

An aside: I'm probably not going to be watching Hannibal live tonight and instead watch the Blackhawks game. (GOOOOOO, HAWKS!!!) Between the three of us Fannibals, we're pretty good about not spoiling each other; but I just wanted to give the heads up that any Hannibal posts are going to get a "LA LA LA" from me until tomorrow when I can watch the show. And given this post from the official Tumblr, sounds like THINGS are going down tonight.

*bites nails nervously* *both for the Hawks winning tonight and Hannibal in general*
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Guess who got Hannibal: Season One in her Easter basket? This girl. BTW, Rhoda, I noticed that on the DVD, some of the episodes are labeled as "Producer Cut", which probably means those particular episodes were more gruesome than the ones I saw watching live. Clearly I'm gonna have to re-watch these episodes and figure out just how much more gruesome the stuff really was.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about Hannibal (shocking, I know) and I came up with a couple predictions that I wanted on the record in case they actually do happen. One has some spoiler-y stuff from the book Hannibal that Rhoda (probably) wants to avoid so that'll be under a spoiler-cut. The other is a prediction for the finale.

Let's proceed. . . .

Do you know how you caught me, Will? The reason you caught me is that we're just alike. )
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Alternatively, this post could be called "Why NBC Better Not Cancel Hannibal and Deny Me My Red Dragon Storyline" because NBC better not cancel Hannibal before we get to the Red Dragon plot (Season 4). I finally read Red Dragon this week and I have THINGS to say as they pertain to the previous movie adaptations and the show. I also mentioned in one of Rhoda's posts that I had an epiphany about Alana's function (or lack of one) in the show, so that's after my Red Dragon thoughts.

I'm going to be vague about Red Dragon/the Tooth Fairy plot as much as I can be to avoid spoilering anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled. However, after my vague rambling, there is a spoiler-cut for specific things related to the story that I want to discuss. (If anyone wants to talk about the specific stuff, let's use the spoiler-cut in the comments, okay?)

Vague Red Dragon babble, Red Dragon spoilers, and Dr. Alana Bloom, oh my )
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I feel like [livejournal.com profile] gothrockrulz and I need this post after tonight's Hannibal because THAT happened. Below are spoilers, naturally.

(Rhoda, don't you dare click the spoiler cut. DON'T YOU DARE!!!!)


2. I'm slightly miffed that they've decided to show us that Hannibal had been inducing Will's seizures. IDK. It feels really forced, and I liked it better when we assumed Hannibal was taking advantage of Will's illness--not that he was exacerbating it. Plus, it has put the previous season's viewpoint into question by making Will an even more unreliable narrator. I'm a little annoyed, basically.

On the plus: Will now knows that Hannibal is also the Chesapeake Ripper. Hannibal, you in danger girl. But not as much as Beverly.

3. I like that Hannibal's "decision" to save Bella serves two needs for him. One, it allows himself to be indebted to Crawford for saving his wife's life. On the other hand, letting Crawford know that Bella attempted suicide, but she's still alive, is going to cause a rift in the Crawford household. Which, in return, is going to distract Crawford from the dawning realization that Hannibal is both the Copycat Murderer AND the Chesapeake Ripper.

Back to Beverly: I don't blame the show for going this route. Would I rather someone like that weasel Zeller get eaten over the only, regular WOC in the cast? Definitely. But from the beginning, Beverly has been on Will's side. She's been willing to go to bat for Will, even when it was clear to everyone around him that he was sloooooowly losing his mind. Of course Beverly's going to be the one to investigate Will's "crimes". Alana believes Will did it; but that he wasn't responsible because of his illness. Zeller and Jimmy believe the evidence, which points to Will. Crawford's been wishy-washy about the whole thing. But based on the tenuous position he's in as the guy who let unstable Will out into the field, he can't go and stick his neck out for Will. So that leaves Beverly.

That also leaves the show with a conundrum. Where most shows would drag out the BIG reveal to the end of the season, Hannibal is too smart of a show to do this. It can't drag out Beverly's investigation because she's far too smart and knows her shit. But it also can't have Beverly blab to Crawford about Hannibal's extra-curricular activities in Episode 4 of a 12-episode season. Especially since we know the fight between Crawford and Hannibal isn't on for another 8 weeks. Thus, Beverly has to become the sacrificial lamb.

(Also: Clearly this is supposed to mirror the time Crawford sent Miriam Lass directly into Hannibal's path. Both times, the males are bound by external circumstances--Crawford has to follow legal measures as head of the BAU and Will is, well, in prison--so they send capable women in their place. I think this reflects poorly on the guys, and not the gals. Which subverts the horror genre trope that women are the victims because they're weak and unable to take care of themselves. Both Miriam and Beverly are smart, clever ladies with FBI training to boot and capable to handle themselves while investigating. Hannibal is just a teensy-bit more capable and has great timing.)

By eliminating Beverly, Will is once again isolated. For all his forward movement--recovering his lost memory, convincing Chilton that he really did have encephalitis, piecing together how far Hannibal's murder spree extends--his biggest defender and best chance for being free is gone now. Everyone left believes Will is guilty, to various degress. However, with Beverly's inevitable death, Will's going to get even more confirmation that Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper. It's going to be like that nightmare where you try to scream, but no sound comes out. Only Will is able to scream; it's just that nobody is going to believe what he has to say.


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