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Here's the "fun" post I warned you about.

I absolutely love when things that are part of my childhood get a dash of creepy thrown in. Actually, anything that's supposed to be "for the kids." I've watched the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer five times already; 4 of those 5 times was to listen to the creepy remix of "I've Got No Strings" from Pinocchio. No regrets.

So, for Halloween, here are a few "innocent" movies given the horror treatment:

Scary Mary

The Sound of MURDER

Mrs. There's-Not-Enough-Therapy-In-The-World-To-Deal-With-Dad's-Issues

Aaaand to balance things out, here's American Psycho re-envisioned as a romantic comedy:

An American Psycho in Love

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First thing's first and NOT Halloween related: I got my paws on Winterspell, the Nutcracker retelling I've been needlessly bitching about for the past year I've been eager to read since my own retelling has petered out, then rose like the undead, then drifted off again. I'll probably do a proper review once I get through the thing (I'm only past the first part, which is roughly 100 pages). BUT! I can already see some similarities between Legrand's version and what would've been mine. And I can see where the story's would've diverged. So, there's that.


It's officially October/Halloween season! I can hum "This is Halloween" without any shame or regret. Which, I've been doing a lot since I linked to this all strings version of the song. (THE STRINGS! THE STRINGS!) I also re-tracked down my favorite Halloween song from grade school. No lie, I do hum the chorus every time I have to spell "Halloween".

I've jazzed up my layout for Halloween. I've perused the TV guide for the spooky movies. Incidentally, I'm extremely excited for TCM's Ghost Stories Thursdays. Particularly the Gothic Ghosts on October 23rd. The Innocents AND The Woman in White AND The Others?! Fuck yeah, it's Halloween!

And with that, I'm off to bed.
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Happy Halloween, everyone!

(original here)

Throughout the day, may your movies be scary, your tummy's full of candy, and your jack-o-lanterns burn bright.


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