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So this has happened:

My mouth literally dropped when I saw the headline, and since then I've been sitting here thinking of something, anything, poignant to say. I guess all I can say is thank you, Wes Craven, for creating a bogeyman that is (literally) the stuff of nightmares. Thank you, for pumping new blood into horror flicks in the '90's. Thank you, for being just an all around awesome guy. If any of you haven't seen the Nightmare on Elm Street documentary, Never Sleep Again, do so as soon as you can.

RIP, Wes Craven.

ETA: I suppose it would be only fitting to name my favorite Wes Craven film, which is Red Eye. I know, given that Craven gave us Freddy Krueger and other horror classics, I pick the one that's arguably more of a thriller. But it was an unique idea and in many ways tested Craven's role as a director because the scares had to be more grounded. Which. . . that always makes things a thousand times more frightening.

What's yours?
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So. This wasn't the post I intended to make tonight, but with Robin Williams's sudden passing, I don't know how I could make another post.

Robin Williams is--was one of those people who, for as long as I can remember, existed in my life. It's hard to pinpoint when I first "knew" him. Probably, like most kids my age, it was Aladdin. Then came Jumanji, then Hook, then Mrs. Doubtfire, and then countless others. (For the record, his role as Armand Goldman from The Birdcage is my favorite of his. And in going through his IMDB page, there's a lot of his movies I haven't seen, but have always meant to.) He's the first movie star that I can remember who transcended past being someone who showed up in my favorite movies.

On the first day of Dance Camp at the YMCA, I remember that we had to fill out these "getting to know you" surveys. One of the questions, was "who's your favorite actor?" I recall that "Leonardo DiCaprio" came up a lot (this would've been a couple years after Titanic came out) and. . .others. (Seriously, who was the teen heartthrob of 1999?) I wrote down "Robin Williams" and got a few "Really?" responses. Yeah, really.

For me, Robin Williams has always been a physical manifestation of "life". Whether it be bouncing around on stage or flipping through impersonations like turning the pages of a book, I will always remember his energy. And even when he talked openly about his struggles with alcohol and depression, a spark of this energy seemed to vibrate underneath it all. I'm sad that that spark has gone out.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go hunt down our VHS copy of Jumanji.
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Third Death-agon has gone back into hibernation after the passing of Rue McClanahan. He'll come again when we have another set of celebrity deaths--hopefully from the '60's or '70's time period. These '80's icon deaths are making me misty-eyed. Guys, we're down to one Golden Girl. I don't want to live in a world where we have no Golden Girls.

There's no appropriate segue, so...

I need to get a website blocking program on this computer and block Amazon.com. Their 4-for-3 promotion got me again! ARRRGGG! I was just trying to start my Christmas Wish-list (hey! Christmas is going to be here before we know it!) and you had to flash your 4-for-3 promotion all over the books I was selecting. I also bought The Hunger Games--sadly not part of the promotion. ($9-and-some-change is really cheap for a hardcover.)

While also browsing the evil that is known as Amazon.com, I stumbled upon Alison Weir's page and got all lovey-dovey with her Tudor books. Maybe I'm getting sentimental because this is the last season of The Tudors, but lately I've had this desire to read a bunch of Tudor history books. I've always been drawn to that family since being introduced to King Henry VIII and his six wives--a man's got to have a hobby... I just never took the time to read a bunch of books on them, but now I kinda want to. Also, Mary, Queen of Scots is pulling on my heartstrings.

Of course, all this could be my mind's way of distracting me from writing a query letter and the synopsis for my finished manuscript.


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